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Suicide Prevention and Care Talking about suicide is tough, but it’s very important. At Mindwell Psychiatric Services, we believe in offering a hand to those who are in need. Suicide is when someone harms themselves on purpose, and it’s a sign they are going through a lot of pain. It shows us that they need […]

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Understanding Suboxone and Its Role in Opioid Addiction Recovery Suboxone is a medicine that helps people stop using strong pain medicine or drugs like heroin. It helps you not want these drugs so much and makes you feel less sick when you’re stopping them. Mindwell Psychiatric Services uses Suboxone to help people get better. Taking

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Self-harm is when people hurt themselves on purpose. It’s a way some folks try to deal with really deep and tough feelings. They might cut, burn, or hit themselves to feel better for a little while. But it’s important to know, there are better ways to cope. Mindwell Psychiatric Services is here to help. We

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